Price list

We hope that this price list will give you some ideas or answers to some questions that will serve as a good starting point for forming a query based on which we will submit a final offer.

Design and Prepress - Visual IDentity

Logo, sign, and following graphic elements give the visual representation of services, products or activities. Products or services which gradually begin to develop the emotional reaction of customers become brands all over the world. The logo should represent the activity, philosophy and style of the carrier, and therefore we approach the production by using detailed analysis of visual, functional and technique characteristics.

Logo – design of the sign and logotype
design of the sign, logo or crest
definition of coloring
definition of proportions and interrelationships
monochromatic representation, negativ, wire display, dry seal
790 1490
Typography – definition of font and way of using it
selection of font/fonts
definition of styles and colorings
headline, superscript headline and subheading
paragraph, antrfile
footnotes, references, literature
80 190
Graphic elements – definition of pictograms / icons and pictures
design of pictograms, signs or icons
selection of pictures, photos or production of the graphic ambient
providing of copyrights
290 490
Business communication – application of logos on business acts
seal 30
business card 20
memorandum / letterhead 20
envelope 12
invoices, dispatches, receipts and other forms 15 / pcs.
Promo-material – application of logo on promo material
pencils, tags, lighters
reklamne trakice, bedževi, zastavice
advertising stripes, badges, flags
glasses, cups, thermos, bottles, bottle openers, trays
wine sets
watches, table sets, multifunctional devices
T-shirts, hats, caps, shawls, table cloths, towels, uniforms
10 / pcs.

Design and Prepress - Printed materials


2D / 3D Animation

WEB Design and Development

Printed materials

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